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The company Captivemus has acquired Tinytronic, which was created in 2001 to develop miniaturised radio location equipment that does not depend on satellite vision or any other kind of medium that acts as a channel. Several emitters and a portable receiver were developed that meant animals could be located using radio frequency.

For strategic reasons the company decided to start with a specific and reduced market niche under a Spanish trademark. This meant it was able to consolidate its working team, acquire experience in technology and discover target market and other sectors' needs.

In 2004 the company, still solely devoted to the animal sector, started its international expansion phase in the world of falconry and hunting, exporting to over 30 countries.

In 2005 Tinytronic began developing products for other sectors such as public or private safety, parachuting and other risk sports, aeromodelling, etc, adding new technologies to the radio frequency.

Captivemus today has a consolidated team of professionals with experience in real applications and in difficult environments as well as a powerful production insfrastructure of miniaturised equipment.
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