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Monitoring, Location and Control
of people, objects and animals

Captivemus is a technological company offering products for the monitoring and location of people, animals and objects, as well as data transmission (telemetry).

With our own LRT3 -Patent Pending-(Long Range Tiny Transmitter) technology we achieve:

- Long Range: up to 80 km with just 10mW, thus complying with corresponding standards.

- Long autonomies: up to several years. Very low consumption and intelligent energy management to ensure batteries last a long time.

- Miniature sizes. The chips are very small, less than 1 gram even.

- Telemetry: Long range. We can send data from sensors in the chips to further distances than current technologies using bidirectional communication.

- Locating and sending data without depending on satellites or other GSM/GPRS type infrastructures.


For each type of monitoring there is a different application and specially designed chips that adapt to the shape, location and weight of the target to be located. Once the chip is activated it transmits radiofrequency pulses to the console. These are converted into information allowing us to monitor, follow or locate.
The digital console is easy to handle and allows us to constantly follow movements and behaviours in real time of people, animals and objects incorporated in the chip.

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